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TBOC Clan hosting

Hey, thought I should let you know of our new 'TBOC' website, some people who have heard of it don't understand what it is so ll explain here.

So, What does TBOC mean?

TBOC stands for The Black Ops Club, it may sound cheesy but there is no other way to describe it.

Why should i go there?

Well the site isn't enjoyable by everyone, but it does have..:

-...A Wiki (Guides including hot-spots, hiding places and unknown secrets)

-...Images, Videos and useful black ops resources.(Like website layouts)

-...Clan Advertisement.

-...Our clan, the 4Q clan.


-And Group events

OK I dont really need much of this so whats the point?

Dont worry, whatever it is you need weather its a you tube layout to a place to hide in Grid we will respond to any requests.

...Also the site is updated regularly.

You said something earlier about Clan Advertisement, tell me more?

Well, you can join and submit a request to host your clan on our site, you will then be given a group for people to join.

You will have acsess to some resources to run your clan.

If yo have any other questions about the site DONT post them below, instead check it out, because if we havent got it then we will do.

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Re: TBOC Clan hosting

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Since it has been a few years, and I work at a place called TBOC, I was wondering if you are still using this clan tag, and if not can we take it?

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