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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

Yes. 3, 6 and 8 would be beautiful.

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

1. Change controller layout to tactical permanently

2. Make it a 2 hit slash attack (pressing knife once) and a one hit stab (pressing knife twice): slash attacks being instant, stabs taking a full animation time

3. Allow players to block knifing

4. Have the player put the knife away after use rather than it being automatic

5. Remove aim assist after the player hits knife (so they have to alter their aim as they move)

6. Completely remove knife lunge

7. Make knifing take longer

8. Disable knife in sprint (player has to stop sprinting before they can knife; rather than hitting knife canceling sprint)

9. Require the enemy to be within the players crosshiers

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

First @ all I really know how is it frustrating to be killed by knife or by ballistic knife ..

Strategy is not as easy as a stack of ammunition shoot from behind a window with good optics

You must take great effort to be accomplished crunchy bites.....

The fact that you see me it's the last you will see.

Of course, when you prefer only a knife ballistic knife is also frustrating when someonestroked grenade launcher from a distance ....

A knife blade versus modern technology the best weapons of all kinds ...and someone will feel frustrated?

Indeed, speculates that stealthily closer to you through it all there in the field and effect as when cutting the paper?

If it were my decision to want to get a chance ballistic blades in scavenger perk.

Ballistic knife and blades are best suited to kill enemy.

EFFICIENCY and SPEED are the reward for HARD WORK in the field My Friends 

VOTE !!!7. Do nothing. We already nerfed the melee lunge/attack range.

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

It's been a while since I've been here, and a nice bump won't hurt. This topic is VERY important.

1. Get rid of the knife entirelly. I agree.

2. Get rid of the knife entirelly and return to using your gun to butt someone. Yes!

3. Make the knife something you have to equip before you can slash it. Nah. I don't want a knife so I guess I don't agree.

4. Have guns do more damage at "melee knife ranges" so that if you need a single bullet or two to drop someone about to stab you. Not a bad idea! Most guns should be lethal at point blank ranges, just don't forget about damage drop off!

5. Create a "Knife Vest" as a perk or similar that protects you. Nah, a perk to fix a solution isn't really the way to go. It's like creating a perk that disables enemies from dropshotting.

6. Changing the tuning of the knife to do variable, or half, the damage it does right now I wouldn't mind the rifle butt or stock doing half damage, that would be great actually

7. Do nothing. We already nerfed the melee lunge/attack range. Range is one thing, but panic knifing is an issue that will continue to plague the game even with a range nerf.

8. Do away with the melee lunge entirelly. Yes! Melee attacks should be slashes, NOT lunging!

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

my favorite solution is 3

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

Just remove the Lunge. Make the default knife do a sweep animation instead, that would make knifing about stealth and not free ohk panic kills after billions of bullets fail to register a kill. A litle lunge is fine when a player choices to use the ballistic knife running around, but not when he gets a lucky instant "commando" default knife. If you don't decrease the lunge, make it so you need to press a button to switch to the default knife before being able to knife..

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

The Final Stab!

This thread is my take on how knifing should be resolved in COD. I've been thinking this way for years now but in many ways it is a logical progression or conclusion even, and many of the threads on these forums reflect that the commuity feels the same. BO2 is likely to have some - if not all - of these elements.

1. Make a knife a piece of Equipment.

Whether it is optional and costs as Equipment taking a slot, no matter. If it can be chosen alongside other equipment and must be cycled, no problem. If it has its own button on the direction pad that is seperate from Equipment, Secondary and Killstreak, fine.

2. Require the knife to be drawn.

The Knife must be taken out like Secondaries, Equipment (on Treyarch games) and like Primaries when you have something else equipped. The button to draw the knife could be as suggested above (its own direction button, an Equipment button, an Equipment button cycle, or even the melée button itself).

The only way around this is to take advantage of using a one handed weapon (such as a pistol) can be utilised here with some kind of Tactical Knige perk or proficiency. I would limit this to pistols and so on, not bigger more powerful guns. Once drawn...

3. Keep the knife a OHK (one hit kill).

It uses no ammo (is reusable), it is almost silent and shows nothing on the minimap.

4. Make the knife range lunge-free. Something around 1-2 metres is fair. Beyond that and the stab falls short (with its usuual slight recovery time).

5. Make the knife require accuracy.

Like a hip fire, the opponent must be in front of you mid-screen.

6. Being hit by bullets void the attack.

Although with a shorter, more realistic knife range, this will not be a major issue, but in cases where someone is shot whilst stabbing, it should make the knife attack fail. The only exception I can think of here is if there is some anti-flinch perk or proficiency, but even so, it should only help marginally (like a flinch instead of fail, which could make the knife attack miss).

All this will do is serve the game and combat dynamics well.

There will be no silly panic stabs, which can occur even when someone with a gun is preparing for a confrontation. Accurate bullets will still beat knives. Stabbing from behind (the "stealth" attack) will still work exactly the same, it just requires you to draw the knife on approach and get behind the enemy - as it always should have done. You may not be able to clear a room with a knife (that's what a cooked frag is for) but with a silenced pistol in one hand and knife in the other you could do well.

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

3, 5 or 6!

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Re: Unofficial Knife Feedback Thread

I don't know if anyones said this yet (I don't want to read 21 pages) but anyways......why not make the knife something you have to select for your equipment.  The knife could then be used with the R2 button to throw it like the current throwing knife, or you could press R3 to draw the knife, then press R3 again to kill the person.

I like the "knife vest" perk idea.  You could make it so the first knife hit does no damage, but the second hit kills you.

Also, why where there no bayonets in Black Ops?

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