ZOMBIES to BORING Treyarch!!

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ZOMBIES to BORING Treyarch!!

I have enjoyed playing zombies from world at War - Black Ops 2 but it is just the same thing over. Sure the graphics increase and the zombie styles change, but I enjoy it more if it was more custom as in fun of what we want not what Treyarch wants. It would be fun if we could add in bosses for example Juggernaut zombie which I found fun from mw3 survival. Aswell as 8 player zombies but increase the zombies by 2x and more wonder weopons as it is to boring with simple guns and perks to help. In my opinion for custom which is our own game style not Treyarch but maybe a killstreak for example a sentry gun and more camping which isnt about fairness but fun. Maybe as well as a chopper in the sky which covers the teamates. To get this chopper or sentry gun you will require to kill the boss which I hope is a Juggernaut zombie. Dont talk about fairness when this is custom anyway so it doesnt count and it is based on what we want in our game. I hope to see something similar to this in the next dlc.

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