"Everyone..." and you.

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"Everyone..." and you.

Hey forum community,

I get a lot of this. "EVERYONE says ... " or "EVERYONE believes ..."

This isn't even remotely true. Not everyone is on Twitter or belongs to the message boards. It's really not a good way to open an argument and back a position you might have on knifing, Quick Scoping, or any other topic we are talking to you about.

I could say you to "Everyone hates Quick Scoping" and be just as right as you claiming that "Everyone thinks Treyarch took the sniper rifle tuning too far."

EVERYONE is relative to your interests, your friends, your play style, and your platform.

Most "everyone" is not on Twitter or the message boards. They just play the game and have fun.

My main point is that we are following the debates. But it's going to come a lot more measured than you probably want.

Knifing has a lunge because when we didn't have one "everyone" said it was impossible to kill people with a knife.

Quick Scoping has been nerfed because "everyone" said it wasn't fair that they would lose to a sniper in a CQB battle.

You see how this works? Their are two sides and both sides are driven off the feedback we've gotten about the game both past and present.

When I get back to the office next week, we will start the dialog about game tuning changes the team feels we should make based on your feedback. Our first few updates are usually to address technical issues and general improved connectivity, matchmaking, unanticipated bugs, and similar.

After that, we can focus more attention on game tuning.

I would like to remind you that we get dozens of messages a minute. It's not like we don't know what is on your mind. You can look at my Twitter feed for examples. Some of these messages are just unbelievable disrespectful, rude, and immature.

I've been around long enough to know that not "everyone" is like that. For those of you that keep it civil, you have our full attention.

We will never be able to make everyone happy all of the time. You see "everyone" is not the same and wants something a bit different out of the game. However, we remain 100% committed to supporting, updating, and improving the game.

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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

Fix the Lag, and Horrid spawns.
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

vahn is the man
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

Think about toning down AK-74U and G11 and maybe changing ACOG on L96 into something useful and thinking about changing zoom on sniper like a heartbeat sensor and FMJ equipped sniper rifle if you can fix the random shooting.

Thanks for listening
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

Whathehecker wrote:


and thinking about changing zoom on sniper like a heartbeat sensor and FMJ equipped sniper rifle if you can fix the random shooting.

Thanks for listening


But you can't make everyone happy, sometimes you have to let some people down, as sad as it is.
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

Anyone knows everyone is not everyone.

While I'm at it, I might as well post the worst game problem this game has.


937 RPM which is near PPSh, kills in 3 hits, and has very low recoil. Huge issue proven by the stats.
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

yates435 wrote:


Fix the Lag, and Horrid spawns.

That's about all I want. Killstreak balancing to
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

Be patient, remember he said he'll tune the gamer LATER. Technical issues, like lag, comes first. Don't even try crying about quick scoping or the spawns until he's finished with that.
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Re: "Everyone..." and you.

some tuning to the shottys would be nice. Maybe if you start a shotty topic people can post idea's and you can test to see which work? I main them and guns like the AUG, famas, and 74u kill just as fast. Teh sadness

edit: my post number is 115...ZOMBIES!!!
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