this invisible cheat

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this invisible cheat

jumped on black ops 1 to have a decent game only to come across these guys using the invisible cheat, if they cant play without cheating why bother playing,

i played on sunday and came across 2 so had to turn the game off, and today came across 7, i wish treyarch would ban these lot for life infact people that use a cheat should have their ps3 totally blocked from playing any game, as for certain they will never do it again and will have to buy a new ps3.

here is a list of the ones i have come across so far......lets name and shame them as if your on a game and they are on then you got no chance

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Re: this invisible cheat

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Hi there,

We understand your concern; however, name & shame is not permitted in the community forums.  Should you encounter a player in violation of the Security & Enforcement Policy, please be sure to report the player in -game.

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