worst game in history!!!!!!!!

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worst game in history!!!!!!!!

Every call of duty I have ever played has been terrible and the next even worst than the last, one thing I can give them is that it is the only game of its kind on playstation it is not like we can just go and pick up HALO or anything, so they milk the extra shit they can  because nobody can just go buy a similar game to replace the bullshit that call of duty has created. The game itself is awesome I love fast paced first person shooters but when I shoot somebody fifteen times and they turn with a pistol and hit me three times it is bullshit. The game is super laggy it shows completely different shit on the killcam from what you see on your screen. Let alone the three second delay that happens because they set up the host fucking retarded so people see you when they come around a corner faster than you see them, your dead before they even turn the corner in this stupid ass game. Fix your god damn connection issues or whatever the hell you got going on that makes this game so shitty. It has been the same in every call of duty I bought, which is all of them yet for some dumb ass reason I continue to buy the shit because I hope and pray it is better but every time I look like a fool because your game sucks so bad it is the worst put together game in all of history a playstation 2 online game runs better than this shit. And I know all of you think its my internet but, no its not I have tried at other houses, ran my speed and am pulling close to 24mbs on my laptop and 11mbs on my ps3. There is no reason why I should have these problems. You know why people love halo and other games like it, because instead of hosting off someone in the lobby everybody connects to a server so that they all get the same connection and not any kind of lag. I WILL NEVER SPEND 70 DOLLARS ON ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT LIKE BLACK OPS 2 AGAIN GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT THIS IS A DISASTER OF A GAME. I would rather play with barbies than spend one more minute cusing out a game that is just trash and will not play right or fair by any definition of the word, FUCK YOU TREYARCH, FUCK YOU ACTIVISION STEP THE SHIT UP IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED THE BEST.

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Re: worst game in history!!!!!!!!

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Interesting...me and all the friends I have on my list that I team up with (about 9 or so) don't have any of these issues.   

Sucks to be you.

My best suggestion would be to go to xbox then if you are so happy there.

Good luck.

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