DLC Pack 1 “Awakening” Zombies and Multiplayer Free to Play for a Limited Time!

Fill those long summer days with more free content from Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3!

By Call of Duty Staff on July 26, 2018
Level 22

Like an explosion at the funnel cake factory, the Days of Summer event is hot, hot, HOT WATCH OUT IT’S HOT! Good thing a free-for-a-limited time DLC is here to sweeten the deal – sweet as all the powdered sugar that would never know the touch of fried dough, sweet as the joy of a child who’s about to spray confectioner’s puke all over the Ferris Wheel.

But I digress: until Days of Summer ends on August 28 at 10am PT, Black Ops III fans will have limited-time access to DLC Pack 1: Awakening, which includes four free Multiplayer maps plus the “Der Eisendrache” Zombie experience.

This epic map pack is designed to test your limits and stretch your imagination, no matter what Specialist or Gobblegums you bring to the battle. Right now, get a look at this free, limited-time DLC and then jump into Black Ops III for one month of uninterrupted summer fun.

In Days of Summer, there’s no reason not to make a ‘Splash.’ Join a match in this abandoned Hydro Paradise Waterpark, hidden somewhere deep in the Southeastern United States.

With multiple levels of combat, ‘Splash’ makes for an over-the-top combat party where short-, mid- and long-range playstyles are all invited. Cross the map on land or cool off in the underwater passages and make your way through whimsical attractions like Skull Bay or the River Slide.

Above all: beware the Kraken. (And Florida Man?)

Remember the fan-favorite ‘Hijacked’ map from Call of Duty®: Black Ops II? Well, DLC Pack 1 takes the luxury-yacht setting of ‘Hijacked’ and raises it – literally – twenty thousand feet in the air. Taking place onboard a Z.D.F. aircraft hovering over Zurich’s city center, ‘Skyjacked’ lends itself to the frenzied, in-your-face combat that got Black Ops fans hooked on ‘Hijacked’ – but, it adds heaps of futurism to the mix, plus tons of prime spots for advanced movement.

Play to your heart’s content, but don’t go overboard!

Set in a [CLASSIFIED] military facility meant to recreate challenging battle environments for Specialist training, ‘Gauntlet’ is a large, dynamic map encompassing three distinct settings.

Tough it out along the dense forest and low visibility of the Jungle lane, where rocks and ferns provide cover for snipers or Objective defenders. Crush the competition in the Snowy section, with the wide, frozen lane built for mid-range combat. And enjoy training for Urban battle in the rainy, narrow cityscape that makes the third lane.

And after you’ve run the gamut, you’ve mastered the ‘Gauntlet.’

The largest Multiplayer map in the pack, ‘Rise’ is set on the outskirts of Zurich near a secret Coalescence research facility. With frozen, narrow pathways, tall vantage points and a few underwater pathways, Rise is the perfect setting for a rousing game of Hardpoint or Free-for-All.

Compete for Victory along this dim, desolate construction site and see who “rises” to the top.
Der Eisendrache

As lightning and thunder embroil the Griffin Castle in Austria, the Origins characters – Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen and Nikolai – have teamed up to prevent secret intel from reaching Group 935 on the Moon.

With new Wonder Weapons, thrilling mechanics and fun puzzles – as well as the usual heavy heap of Undead – ‘Der Eisendrache’ has long been a Zombies fan-favorite. Team up to discover what nefarious plot Richtofen is planning, while seeing how long you can survive on this massive Zombies map.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III – DLC Pack 1: “Awakening” is only available for all players through 10am PT August 28. Play these four free limited time Multiplayer maps and experience the stunning ‘Der Eisendrache’ story before they’re all gone, and you’re sure to be an “Awakening” expert by Labor Day.