Call of Duty® Christmas Clan War

By ClanWarsNews on December 22, 2014
Level 4


Because of recent outages, which we are sure you aware of, we have decided to delay the Christmas Clan War by 24 hours to 12/28, 12:00 p.m. PST, 20:00 UTC. One hour before the war is to begin, we will reevaluate the reach of the network outages and keep you updated as to our decided course of action. If the war is to move forward on 12/28, it will be a 24 hour war, and end on 12/29, 12:00 p.m. PST.

Please stay tuned to @beachheadstudio at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST, 12/28, for further information regarding the Christmas Clan War.

Thank you for your patience.


‘Tis the season for gifts, laughter, and glorious battle! To celebrate the holiday season, we’re running a bonus Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Christmas Clan War at the North Pole, open to all Clans new and veteran alike. Let’s welcome our holiday newcomers and show them what the festive spirit is really all about.

Clans of three or more members will compete against five other Clans of similar size and skill in a struggle for Clan Wars exclusive in-game gear and bonus Multiplayer XP.

Rally Up

The Christmas Clan War engagement begins Saturday, December 27th at 12PM PST / 9PM CET, continuing through Monday, December 29th at 12PM PST / 9PM CET.

Get Your Clan in Order by Friday, December 26th

Get your Clan in order by Friday, December 26th at 12PM PST / 9PM CET when the Roster Lock goes into effect. The Roster Lock determines all eligible Clans and participants for the holiday event.

In-Game Prizing

For this bonus Clan War, Clans that place in the top 3 in either the Gold or Platinum division will unlock the next available item in the exclusive Centurion set.

The current order of unlocks for the Centurion set include:

Centurion Exo: Win 1 Clan War

Centurion Shin Guards: Win 2 Clan Wars

Centurion Pants: Win 3 Clan Wars

Centurion Loadout: Win 4 Clan Wars

Expect all earned rewards to be delivered within 72 hours after the end time of each war.

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