Call of Duty® Clan Wars: The Final Battle

By ClanWarsNews on August 25, 2015
Level 4

The final battle approaches, and we’re celebrating with a Battle Royale! We’ve had a great year supporting Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Clan Wars, and we’d like to thank every Clan that participated and provided feedback throughout. Now get practicing, because this is a big one. See below for more details:

Diamond Division Battle Royale

The Diamond Division Battle Royale engagement takes place over a two-day period, on Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th. The Battle Royale includes all regions – US West, US East, and Europe – battling simultaneously. Clans with at least two 1st place Platinum wins can opt into Diamond Division in-app before the start of the war.

Regional times each day as follows:

• Pacific: Starts 11AM PDT, finishes 3PM PDT

• Eastern: Starts 2PM EDT, finishes 6PM EDT

• Europe: Starts 8PM CEST, finishes 12AM CEST

Supported brackets for the Battle Royale are as follows:

Bantamweight: 3-4 members

Lightweight: 5-10 members

Middleweight: 11-19 members

Heavyweight: 20-45 members


Clan Wars-exclusive Valkyrie Gear

Rewards will be distributed as usual for a Diamond Division engagement. Clans that place 1st will unlock a piece of the Valkyrie set, in addition to earning more gear for completing the following challenges:

Valkyrie Gloves: Capture the most nodes during a Diamond Clan War.

Valkyrie Shirt: Finish a Diamond Clan War holding at least three nodes.

Valkyrie Boots: Hold 4 nodes at the same time in a Diamond Clan War.

More importantly, your performance in this event dictates your final Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Battle Royale Leaderboard standing. Make it count.

Bronze – Platinum Divisions

We’re also running a traditional Bronze through Platinum Division Clan War, beginning Friday, September 25th at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST, continuing through Monday, September 28th at 12PM PDT / 9M CEST.

Clans that place 1st in either Gold or Platinum will unlock a piece of the Centurion set.


Clan Wars-exclusive Centurion Gear

The Centurion Gloves, Shirt, and Boots can also be earned by completing the following challenges in any division:

Centurion Gloves: Capture the most nodes during any Clan War.

Centurion Shirt: Finish any Clan War holding at least three nodes.

Centurion Boots: Hold 4 nodes at the same time in any Clan War.

Expect all earned rewards to be delivered within 72 hours after the end time of each war.

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