Diamond Division Clan Wars: Retiring the Juggernaut Division

By ClanWarsNews on June 8, 2015
Level 4

Due to the small number of Juggernaut Diamond Division Clans (46-70 members), we are retiring the division in future Clan Wars, starting with this weekend’s Copenhagen Clan War. Prior to the Copenhagen event, Clans in the Juggernaut Division will have their bracket changed to Heavyweight.

We will continue to support the following divisions:

Bantamweight: 3-4 members

Lightweight: 5-10 members

Middleweight: 11-19 members

Heavyweight: 20-45 members

Diamond Division Juggernaut Clan leaders can bench players to ensure they do not pass the 45 active member limit of the Heavyweight Division. If a Clan War begins with more than 45 unbenched Clan members, the first 45 members to participate will be flagged as active, and then the roster will lock.

Juggernaut Division Bragging Rights

In order to commemorate the Clans that competed in this division, the Juggernaut Diamond Division leaderboard will remain for all to see. Juggernaut Division Clans will also retain their current Diamond Points when moved to the Heavyweight Division leaderboard for future Clan Wars.

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