The Final Battle: Battle Royale Scoring Reminder

By ClanWarsNews on September 21, 2015
Level 4

As we approach the final Battle Royale for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, we’d like to remind our Diamond Division Clans of the scoring system we’re using for the event. We’d also like to thank all participating Clans, and we wish you the best of luck in this epic battle. May the best Clans win!

Battle Royale Point System

The top six Clans within each bracket will compete in the Battle Royale Top Tier, while all other Diamond Division Clans will compete in the Regular Tier. Diamond Division leaderboard points will be awarded based on each Clan’s tier and placement following the event.

Battle Royale Top Tier Leaderboard Points

Position3-10 Members
11-19 Members20-45 Members

Battle Royale Regular Tier Leaderboard Points

Position3-10 Members11-19 Members20-45 Members

Clans can earn additional Diamond Points through completing certain objectives, as follows:

Hold a node at the end of a round1 per node (capped at 6 points)
First node capture in the Clan War2
Have the most active player in a war (the player with the most wins)5

Note that we will not be implementing the following objectives for the final Battle Royale:

Activity Bonus – Points granted based on top % of total Clan wins

High Stakes – Beat Clans seeded above you

Neutralizing nodes from higher seeded Clans

And a final reminder of our Diamond Division brackets:

Bantamweight: 3-4 members

Lightweight: 5-10 members

Middleweight: 11-19 members

Heavyweight: 20-45 members

Good luck!

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