COD Infinite Warfare World League Camo

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COD Infinite Warfare World League Camo

I bought it but looks like you wrapped your gun in a comic book. In Adwanced Warfare the World League camo looked much better. They shoudn't ask money for this crap.

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Re: COD Infinite Warfare World League Camo

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Have you played IW? They clearly do not have a care in the world about competitive gameplay, or else they would have made a remotely competitive game. They just wanna put black hole generators and other wow-factor garbage in their commercials to make the kids go "WOOWWWWW" and then rake in as much money as possible without putting in an ounce of effort. Making a competitive game requires a level of knowledge  of the franchise that Infinity Ward clearly doesn't possess, it's too much work for them. They'd rather take months figuring out what stats to put on combat records. Lmao

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