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The first COD I've bought for a few years and I was quite hyped since Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is going back to boots-on-the-ground,So beautiful Sony I'm crying my eyes,Best song, best map, best cod AND BEST CREW!!keep bringing us Zombies,Best Call of Duty game Ever glad i bought xbox live gold membership key for it on my Xbox One

Takeo’s my absolute favorite of the Primis crew...and he looked so miserably hopeless, despite how high he tries to keep his head and spirits up for the rest of them. Not to mention he’s a wonderful voice of reason. I think his scream in the end is him mourning the loss of his comrades and how sick and tired he is of this sick, sick cycle. Then as he’s covered in blood, he also comes to a horrific and grim conclusion that this charade is going to kill him next...and is just suffering to know how to stop it all from happening. His drive to go on diminishes...just like the candle’s flame did.If it weren’t for that ending, I wouldn’t have cried.

Kinda crazy remembering when this was fun to them and you'd hear how they talked with excited tones as you'd go round by round killing zombies then everything taking its toll now and seeing how they are all broken down and just done

The community is going through what the characters in the trailer are going through. Hopelessness, defeat and frustration. Trying to solve and understand this Easter egg.

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Awesome update. I have played this on my Xbox one. Great!! It's definitely going to put the pressure on to PUBG given the two games' similarities. Fortnite is different enough (and free enough) to amicably co-exist with Blackout, I think. But I know I'll be devoting more of my battle royale game time to Blackout once it's out even if I'm certainly not going to drop Fortnite altogether kissanime.


Let's see what next! Go and Have fun! Black ops4 yeahhhh!! Heart

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