Competitive PC Players: Here is something that might be up your alley!

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Hello everyone, today I'm here to bring you all something that I've been working on to unite all PC players that are interested in competition/discussion/viewing parties/etc.

Today I'd like to announce the opening of a little project I've been working on known as the Nexus League, it's your one stop shop for competition in 5v5 multiplayer & Blackout, or you're looking for a team to do scrims, or looking for people to group up in Blackout or League Play we got that!

If you are looking for that type of competition or just looking for people to play with don't be afraid to come join! I'm also looking for feedback on the server, what changes to make, what to add, etc. Also looking for management/support staff to help make everything run smoothly and looking to eventually bring something to everyone for both 5v5 & Blackout players!

Server Link:

See you out on the battlefield!

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New Discord Link pls
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