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Please please please have stricter rules for people who quit a league play game like SnD, hardpoint, and control. So freaking tired of coming up short in games because my team members rage quit. Get rid of the quit button all together! It’s comepettive game play for a reason, you know what you’re getting into! I’ve had teammates quit mid game, I have even had teammates just start killing themselves in control and SnD, or even killing each other just because. *****ing fix it! I can’t get a good streak going because of the lack of teamwork amongst my team. Also league play is not the time for you try out new guns! So many times I have lil Johnny over there going 3 and 15 because he wants to test his luck with a sniper rifle! And does anybody even plant the bomb anymore in SnD? They just run around and try to kill the other team. You’ll win a bunch more games if you FOLLOW the bomb carrier and protect him! Learn the games. Learn the hardpoint order too! *****! Watch the clock know when’s close to changing and make your way to the new hardpoint! Idk how you’re gonna fix it but just do it or I’m going to apex 

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