Looking For A PlayStation 4 User V. He Is an Ambassador For Activision.

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Hello my name is Petar. I'm from Germany but English is for me fine. I'm 23 years old and I'm searching for a competitive team. Some facts about me. I played MW2 MW3 and BO1 as a professional/payed player. I was in the 1vs1 ladder #1, 2vs2 #1 and in 5vs5 top 10 EU. I also won some cups. Some facts are on my ESL page available but some facts are lost because in the past there was for console the csl and for the PC ESL. I played a lot of gamebattles and csl so I got enough competitive experience. In the past I played semi-pro rainbow six siege on the PC and now I'm back on the console. If someone is searching a player for his team with big ambitions like the CWL or something like this then pls add me. My actual lvl is prestige 1 my k/d is 2.7 and w/l 2.8. You can also follow me on Twitter and dm NoiiZe21

My PSN name is sickNoiiZe-

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