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My Scuf Experience


     I bought my Controller In November of 2016. I play a lot of Call of Duty, but I would never mistreat my very expensive controller; I paid

$230 - $260 for the controller and shipping to be exact, not including replacement parts. The first time using it, I loved it... Then the next day came, and my controller was already broken. This was just the beggining to my excrutiating experience with Scuf and their products.

     Recently, Customer Support has stopped responding to me. Two to Three months later I've had to deal with, non-stop, contacting customer support, putting more and more money to fix  my Scuf Infinity 4PS, and a ridiculous amount of broken accessories. Here are some examples:0BD5191F-FDE1-4559-8C70-73E34779DA18.JPG



Photo on 1-29-17 at 11.03 PM.jpg     I stopped asking for replacement paddles because they would break hours or days after putting them on my controller. From changing the paddles so much, the screw holes became stripped, and now I have four big screws in the back of my controller.

Photo on 1-29-17 at 10.49 PM #2.jpg



Photo on 1-29-17 at 10.49 PM #3.jpg

So I Thank You for all the help that was not provided, for all of the hours I have spent fixing (rigging) my controller, and for the customer support barely given. Overall, cool controller. Not for long though, garenteed to break. I would not recommened a Scuf Controller. The Company is unreliable, the product does not have any durability whatsoever, and you'll end up spending way to much money constantly replacing parts and fixing the controller. 



     I don't know what else I can do, I have been left with no choice. So I hope this Review of how Awful Scuf Gaming is, and telling the community can somehow change things for the better, for everyone. For the record, I have contacted Scuf Gaming showing my concerns and trying to help, but I recieved no acknowledgement. 



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