[PS4][NA] Team IOU is Recruiting Competitive Teams for BO4!

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Team IOU is a new competitive Call of Duty team located in Ohio. We are looking for up to 8 players who have the ability and will to start out playing as amatuers. This will include traveling to LANs and the big events all the while practicing at scheduled times during the BO4 season.

Looking for players that fit this criteria:

MUST: be between the ages of 17-23

MUST: have the $ to fund oneself at least partially for travel and online access

MUST: have family support (if needed for above)

MUST: be able to practice at times to be determined at a later date

MUST: be a team player and be as flexible as Elastigirl


HIGHLY Preferred:

Living in the Midwest or located in the EST

Knowing how to play ranked play in WW2

Having a good GB record


To get in touch: follow @TeamIOU on twitter and DM

If not that then DM on here with your gamertag, age, and any other relevant information.

We will get you in touch with the main leader/coach after interest is gauged to be evaluated.

Players will then be linked up with each-other.

Any questions or concerns will be heard. Thank You!

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my gt is swaginthehouse3
20 year old
able to trevel
obj player/flex

i am very hard working 

i am makeing new gb becasue my records all miss up becasue was playing them to get better 

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Im A ObJ My K/D for Ranked play on WW2 is 2.30 Im 17 I have a job right now So I could pay my flight 

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An I live in New Jersey

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Hi, i hope your morning is going great! 


I am interested in your post about joining your competitive team, i am 20 years old and i live in chicago, im willing to meet all requirements, My psn is maxx_starr, that would also be the best way to get ahold of me, i hope to hear from you soon! Have a great day

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