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It’s always been a dream of mine to compete against the best of the best. This is not a joke, I feel as though I can compete at the pro level. So I am looking for some straight slayers like myself who are serious about competing for an esports spot and winning a championship. Currently I play on Xbox and I will switch over to PS4 with the Scuf Vantage if Pro play continues to be on PS4. My Gamertag is Billstur on Xbox. We will play league play as a team and that’s how I will be able to tell if you’re serious/skillful enough to play against “OpTic”, “100 Thieves”, etc. No 1v1 bull***** for a spot. I need to know if you are a good teammate. If I find that you are good enough then we will discuss team names, events, members, positions and all that good jazz. Message me on Xbox if you are interested in becoming a pro player. 

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