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Hello to all. Finally yesterday I decided to sell my xbox one (which stinks), and I bought the ps4. The reasons for which I have moved are different, 1) the level on xbox is significantly lower, 2) esports and competitive tournaments only on ps4 3) there are very few people on xbox now.

I'm going to create a top team with just and skilled peoples right away. If you are interested, please contact me and maybe before you take a look at my channels and clips to get an ideaSmiley Wink I'm Italian and I speak fluent English (not always correct)


At this time I would like to start creating and organizing the team on Modern remastered warfare, then transferring them to WWII.


  Twitch Channel   Youtube Channel 

 DESERT EAGLE Montage "Modern Warfare Remastered by 🆂🅲🆁3🅰🅼

Sniper Montage "Modern Warfare Remastered by 🆂🅲🆁3🅰🅼




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