Team Titan is recruiting players for a grind squad!

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Hello Everyone! 

We in Team Titan is recruiting players to start a Grind Squad similar to FaZe Clan/ DooM Clan. where you can stream, upload to YT, grind CoD and also be a member of Team Titan


What we want from you:

- want players most from Xbox One, but it's okay if you play on another platform like or PS4.

- 18 years old, you can be younger but not younger than 16!

- Grind CoD, play CoD to 98% of your game time, play BO4 and upcoming CoD games!

- want to grew as a player and can be social with other members!


we don't care about K/D or W/L, we want to make sure you are a player who is casual but good and want to grind CoD for a long time with us!


you can contact us on:


And me PET3RAN/Titan Flyer on:




Peter aka Titan Flyer.





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