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You heard this correctly, The University of Oregon e-sports club is in need of  2-3 players to be on the active roster.

As of right now, our squad is new is needing additional players preferably with MLG/UmG experience to strengthen the squad and is to be on for at least 3 hours a day worth of practice. We are competing in a smaller league called the CCL (collegiate call of duty league. Which is composed of many other colleges as of right now we are seeing over 100 plus schools wanting to join!! The league is new and is trying to make ground to make this a springboard to enter the CWL!

There are requirements, however,  

First and foremost you must be a student at the University of Oregon considering this is a club sport. That being said they must be a student at the U of O to compete with the team in the CCL.

The student must be in good academic standing.

If you meet those requirements please feel free to contact me through here or my discord

 Don't meet that requirement? but might know someone who might? Please feel free to contact me via discord Jermal (lilgetup) #8328 and send them my way. I'll be able to direct them to the team captain and mover accordingly I know this is a long shot but any leads will help and knowing this community you guys will help out the most thank you


If the community would like to play against the squad right now I can pass this information along to the team captain and see what he would like to do.


Again thank you for reading and I look forward to talking to you guys


Go Ducks


Lilgetup (Team Coach)

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Sound good, I'm not University of Oregon' student but now considering application there. Good luck to the team? What kind of tournaments are there for University CoD team?

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