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  Hello one and all, I am looking to form a Team/ Organisation mostly for Gamebattles, Scrims and a lot of practice with the occasional tournament once we feel we are ready, but as well grow as a team and as a players. This is something I'm going to give me 110% on, so I will only be looking and asking for the same type of morale. Currently have a team name "Racassi eSports" we are open to any suggestions in a name change.


Players/ Roles im looking for:

HP Players

  • Slayer
  • Support - currently playing myself
  • Objective
  • Anchor

SND Players

Control Players


  Once I have a roster going on, I will then seek to recruit a coaches to help out in any way possible. I am not seeking a certain MLG Rank(s) since im wanting to improve myself and boost my MLG rank up (currently very low), but I do require at least some basic game knowledge, if you don't know what role you play best or prefer this is something we will learn and find out once playing together. I seek communication amongst you and your teammates, whoever wishes to apply. It is very vital. I also seek one or two shot-callers, as rare as they may seem.


But what about practice? When are said practices? And the tournaments? When, where, what, why, how?
  Practice times are something we will all agree to on days and time we are all free and able to attend inl. BUT, I know some of us have schedules that are just too much to handle. This is okay. Still, feel free to apply since the practice times will flexible and changed if needed. Ideally practice times will be heavier on the weekends. I know -- this schedule doesn't fit everyone but hey, sorts out the weak from the strong I guess. The majority of practice will be playing Gamebattles whether its SND or HP (Focusing on the HP side of things), Learning call outs and map roations if no one knows and scriming other Team/ Players. With the tournaments we won't be playing these until we all believe we are ready to play them and we can schedule some free time to play them.


Like I have said before, I'm going to give this my 110% percent so I expect for you to do the same.

If you have an interest in joining, feel free to message me on Xbox or Discord
ideally i'd like you to have discord as this is somewhere we will speak about everything outside of the game regaurding the team and how we can grow.


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