Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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i just unlocked lucky seventh uniform in a supply drop and i cant find it please message me if you find it or if its a glitch

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 hello to all developers of WWII, I'm Italian so it will be normal if some words will blame it. I play pc and I have for you 3 ideas:

1) put the SCREEN SHARING ON PC, so if I would invite a friend of mine who wants to play with the controller, I play with muose and keyboard, while he with the contreller, as in consoles;

2) when changing the commands, put a warning if you want to leave it because I happened that by mistake I changed a command, to take it I clicked ESC and eventually put me to do that action;

3) put the screen to see killing, pinging, people on ZOMBI, because there is not.

These are my ideas, I hope you will accept them and put them on

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meu ovo


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How do I use the divisions pack on local multiplayer??

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I got a heroic helmet called, 'natural camo' and I feel like I'm the only one who has it... Does anybody else have this?? 

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hello everybody


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where do I reedem the game code??