All the call of duty games suddenly stopped letting me connect.

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First things first, I played black ops and black ops 2 a week ago, was able to connect just fine. All of a sudden I can't connect to any cod game. I've restarted my PC, restarted my router, my modem, steam, reinstalled, updated, gone to steam beta, gone out of steam beta, tried switching to wireless. But nothing works... All the call of duty games I own don't work. I've tried MW,MW2,MW3, Waw, Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, even ghosts... Nothing. Works. My nat type is open btw, and I gave good speeds. I don't need to portforward because it works on this connection on different devices. I've even looked at my firewall and disabled it. 

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So, is this for Multiplayer, Zombies or Campaign?

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