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The stuff I want them to add to the black ops 4 game those guns M16 M416 SCAR-H AR-15 G11. I also want them to fix spowns and fix hit markers in hard core

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I don’t have any title ideas really, just one request for black ops 4 . Is there a chance we could see bowman in blackout or something. Bowman was a good, cool character who died tragically, and he was in the SOG gang. He NEEDS HIS RES!!

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I have an idea for zombies mode and I'm coming up with one for campaign.

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Treyarch 2018 then back to Infinity Ward come 2019, i skipped SHG,s COD 2017 cos they got something for us im  hoping is good.The futuristic style is done thats a fact,no use kicking stones over it,lets move on and help the developers with some great ideas for the future of the Call of Duty Franchise,we so dearly love,...Title Ideas, Game Modes, Kill Streaks not Scorestreaks etc, please guys/gals no nonsense lets keep it 100!, kick off from me a possible COD title would be for 2018 is " Call of Duty : Abduction" - modern shooter, make it personal for the player/gamer,let us join a family with a military background, with unique skill sets and when one of the family members life is in danger, they would answer in a big way.The Cod Title for 2019 would be "Call of Duty: Wages of War", scientists create an organism to destroy a terrible disease mankind is facing, in the not so distant future,the organism was successful in destroying the deadly virus, but then it decides that man has a flaw and is too susceptible to diseases from the environment,it then by force starts changing our genetic makeup, not zombies,or bloodthirsty mutants,but by binding us together to attain one conscientiousness to evolve,so humanity has to fight to be free once again......whats your ideas...? please keep it 100!..Peace!


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They  should do a cod civil war or war for independence 


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I know this is VERY Late, maybe start this in the year 2020, but I’d like to see good Stories in these games. My best example would be the Battle at Castle Itter on May 5th, 1945.

On that date, American Troops & the German Army fought side-by-side against the SS. IF that level was to be played, I’d play as a German soldier defending the castle and when an American soldier asks “Why are you doing this?”, the answer will always be “[its the Call of Duty]” . . .

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