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Treyarch 2018 then back to Infinity Ward come 2019, i skipped SHG,s COD 2017 cos they got something for us im  hoping is good.The futuristic style is done thats a fact,no use kicking stones over it,lets move on and help the developers with some great ideas for the future of the Call of Duty Franchise,we so dearly love,...Title Ideas, Game Modes, Kill Streaks not Scorestreaks etc, please guys/gals no nonsense lets keep it 100!, kick off from me a possible COD title would be for 2018 is " Call of Duty : Abduction" - modern shooter, make it personal for the player/gamer,let us join a family with a military background, with unique skill sets and when one of the family members life is in danger, they would answer in a big way.The Cod Title for 2019 would be "Call of Duty: Wages of War", scientists create an organism to destroy a terrible disease mankind is facing, in the not so distant future,the organism was successful in destroying the deadly virus, but then it decides that man has a flaw and is too susceptible to diseases from the environment,it then by force starts changing our genetic makeup, not zombies,or bloodthirsty mutants,but by binding us together to attain one conscientiousness to evolve,so humanity has to fight to be free once again......whats your ideas...? please keep it 100!..Peace!

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Call of Duty: Old Blood and Guts 2018


"Let's keep our boots polished, bayonets sharpened, and present a picture of force and strength to the Red Army. This is the only language they understand and respect." General Patton.


Call of Duty: Old Blood and Guts is based on an alternative scenario where the USA and the British Empire go to war against the Soviet Union soon after German defeat.


OPERATION UNTHINKABLE The hypothetical date for the start of the Allied invasion of Soviet-held Europe was scheduled for 1 July 1945, four days before the UK general election. The plan assumed a surprise attack by up to 47 British and American divisions in the area of Dresden, in the middle of Soviet lines. This represented almost half of the roughly 100 divisions available to the British, American and Canadian headquarters at that time.


The plan was taken by the British Chiefs of Staff Committee as militarily unfeasible due to an anticipated 2.5 to 1 superiority in divisions of Soviet land forces in Europe and the Middle East by 1 July, where the conflict was projected to take place. The majority of any offensive operation would have been undertaken by American and British forces, as well as Polish forces and up to 100,000 German Wehrmacht soldiers. Any quick success would be due to surprise alone. If a quick success could not be obtained before the onset of winter, the assessment was that the Allies would be committed to a protracted total war. In the report of 22 May 1945, an offensive operation was deemed "hazardous".


"I understand the situation. Their (the Soviet) supply system is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as I could put to them. They have chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof -- that's their supply system. They could probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting I could give them for five days. After that it would make no difference how many million men they have, and if you wanted Moscow I could give it to you. They lived on the land coming down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain themselves going back. Let's not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then . . . we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!" General Patton.

Patton will be one of the main protagonist as well as the main proponent for the conflict, this of course based on the alternative version of History where he lives beyond 1945 and doesn´t get "accidented".

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This idea i really like because it would have been the perfect end to ww2. With communism shut down, and Germany joining us to fight it instead of screwed over, split in half, and thrown into poverty.

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Tbh i had an Idea a long time ago for a certain development cycle, every three years a company known for doing a certain time period will make a game in those time periods.


Treyarch - WWI/WWII/Vietnam Cod

Infinity Ward - Modern day/Near future CoD

Sledgehammer - Near Future/Far Future Advanced Movement CoD


Treyarch tackles WWI/II/Vietnam because that's sorta what they're known for, Black ops, WAW, Cod 3.


Infinity Ward obviously tackles Modern/Near future games because of the MW series and Ghosts.


Abd Sledgehammer does the futuristic Advanced Movement games due to the fact they're the ones who bought it into the series, and Near Future because they did have a hand in MW3 and since that was (in my opinion) more of a near future game than a Modern game (released 2011, set in 2016.) 


Obviously that won't be the case because WWII is coming soon and it's being Developed by Sledgehammer, and it puts a restriction on the studios. But i personally think it will be the best for fans. Don't like the futuristic stuff? Catch Treyarch/Infinity wards game. Don't like the Classic COD style? Catch Sledgehammers new game. I think a cycle like this would cater to the oldschool crowd and the newschool. But hey no matter what if it's a fun game I'll likely enjoy it.

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I think they should let you make your own character, pick facial features, certain begining outfits, male or female. then like anyother call of duty, instead of unlock a new character, unlock a new outfit.    SHould have more of an open map multiplayer, instead of playing the same old small quick maps that get so repeatative, and boring, open map like GTA, Mafia, Ghost Recon. but against other teams.  The walk boosting BS with wonderful douchbags with auto aim on, need to stop.  you can climb you can jump, run, but not walk sprinting or boost jumping.  Call Of Duty Vietnam sounds great, be a nice open map, with great options to use actiual military tactics instead of running aimlessly killing eachother with reapetative dissorder. don't shrink the guys like Infinate, BO3 had great figures and less stress on the eyes like infinates I need to blow up the screen to see anything at a distance. No futuristic weapons keep it like a real gun, have real options, no particle amps, and futuristic crap that does nothing.   keep it real .

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I personally want a ww2 game that involves the British in the whole war and maybe a ww2 game about the Russians 

Like Big Red One but British or Russian version 

I would also like a Call Of Duty 2 or Call Of Duty 3 remastered 

They were some of the best call of duty games 

Maybe Treyarch does Russian ww2 game with Call Of Duty 3 remastered so people have an idea about the war 

Maybe Infinity Ward does British ww2 game with Call Of Duty 2 remastered you have more British missions in that one anyway 

Treyarch has game called Stalin's Order 

Infinity Ward has game called British Assult  

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I believe that Treyach will have a great game for us in 2018, they have good story telling and I feel a pretty solid MP as well. IW well that is another story, after the MW2 release the quality took a hit... However, IW really cant be blamed their company was gutted and rebuilt. It would be exceeding hard to maintain the high expectations with a brand new team under new leadership. Infinate Warfare, I enjoyed, it just came in on a time that everyone was tired of far fetched future scenarios. The art  and design team did a wonderful job and you could tell really put themselves into their work and deserve a lot of credit, the game setting and timeline really is what held it back.


That being said I feel in 2013 they were on to something with Ghosts, me personally I had tremendous issues with the movement, ADS Targetting, and weapon damage. The MP felt like I was wearing a blow up sumo suit trying to fight and move.  The story however, felt like it had promise but needed to be fleshed out a bit more.  So for 2019 I would really like to see the next chapter of Ghosts, deeper story, on a better performing engine, and incredable setting and ending.


The secert sauce of Call of Duty is not to make an unrealistic scenario and try to make it feel real, but have your feet in something real and then show how it could have went under different circumstances.


So in short.

2018 - Treyarch - Modern Age with unique scenario that is in the realm of possibility.

2019- IW- Ghosts 2

2020- Sledgehammer - I want to believe, but lets see what you got first

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here's a crazy thought and maybe will make the franchaise some money to boot... make  1080p patches for the very 1st COD pc/console games(with some new maps) for the people that have it .. then u can resell them for the people that never played them.... a win for every one 8^)

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For future game ideas I would like to see the COD franchise explore World War 1 or the Vietnam war. I’m convinced the development style of COD would be able to create a much better and realistic version of WW1 tHan battlefield. In the case of the Vietnam War, to my knowledge there is no game past or present that has been developed solely around the Vietnam War. Sure like black ops it has been used as a backdrop but I’m talking about a game centered around America’s involvement through its withdraw. I think there is plenty of material there that could be used to create a game and possibly even another franchise. For example the game s story ccould open with the French involvement in the late 50s, U.S. involvement in the mid 60s early 70s, and finally the final withdraw with the fall of Saigon.


For gameplay ideas I would like to see them create a co-op csmpaign mode like destiny where you need to use teamwork and strategy in order to complete the story. Also as a player who believes that details enhance them game experience I would really like to see COD introduce a promotion/medal system in the campaign mode based on in game achievements. So for example you start out as a private then say if you complete a mission in under a certain amount of time, get so many kills, perform a heroric action you would get rewwrded upon the completion of that mission with a promotion in rank and/medal. Then depending what rank you are you can have more options whether it’s different weapons or abilities in the following mission. In essence this would do away with the outdated 1, 2, 3 star method used when completing campaign missions and after you have completed the campaign if you have not reached the rank of general and achieved all the medals for performing heroric actions or kills then you can go back an replay the campaign in order to do this. 


Anyway just some thoughts from a long time player and fan of the game. 



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Just something Iv thought about for the black out mode if it’s not already in the works if you could make split screen an option one of the things I hate the most about most battle royal modes if that if you ya e someone else over they have to sit there and watch for like a half hour in some cases. Also Iv been playing the beta and so far everything is sweet I’m liking the layout and concept of everything although shooting through objects almost doesn’t work and the sliding is touch and go iv died multiple times due to the slide not working and it just stops my character while I’m getting shot. Other then that keep up the good work!

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