COD Ghosts: New ideas (Gametype)

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COD Ghosts: New ideas (Gametype)

I saw that Battlefield 4 is doing this and actaully listening to people... And every year cod listens to no one, Why is that? I couldnt tell you either.

Gametype idea

Name in playlist: Rush Moshpit (Can change it, But this name fits it.)

Moshpit includes: TDM, Domination, Demolition, Kill Comfirmed, CTF (Can change but these suit perfect for the gamemode.)

Idea behind it(What makes it special): You cant camp, Its like the perk ghost on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, If you dont move then you are still visible on UAV with the ghost perk on Call Of Duty Black ops 2. So Something like every 20-30sec if you have NOT moved around then you die or show up on radar (I personally want it to kill the person.). Also Im not talking about moving back and forth. The ghost perk from black ops 2 is the best example, becuase you cant just move back and forth and not be visible on radar. (This doesnt have to be in it, but you should make it so if you die from camping then you are on radar when you spawn, so you wont camp.)

Purpose of Gametype: To stop people from camping. Now i know this might not eleminate campers completely but it sure does stop people from doing it.

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