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I can’t imagine I’m the only one to bring this up AGAIN, but can someone actually AT COD; like someone who can make changes tell me why they still insist on dropping me into a game that’s 93 - 20 for example, for the other f’n team? Do you not have someone smart enough to write in that code? The “there’s 7 kills left in a utterly hopeless game that’s only gonna piss you off, so let’s not take a player out of the lobby and f%#k him/her around” code? Is this the first time this has ever been suggested? It’s zero consolation that technically the game doesn’t show up as a loss in yr stats. Just change it for the love of God! It’s pretty simple geniuses: if a game reaches a certain differential in score, or it gets to the halfway point, don’t bring any more players in! For the team on the winning end, if everyone on the losing side quits, then you win early. Nobody’s going to complain about it. Yet year after year I can literally get placed three or four games in a row where my team is down by 45 kills, and there’s two players left of my team. That’s just throwing a player into the slaughter. How is that fun? Especially since it usually happens when you’ve JUST sat down & strapped in for some BO3. What a super fun way to start. 🤬 Doesn’t matter how good you are; doesn’t matter if personally you still end the game with a +4.00 KD ratio, the game will not be enjoyable. No amount of “this is why” is going to make it OK. Just f’n fix it.

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