Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Review - Not a Good Game!

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After playing Black Ops 4 for a week I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth buying. To give some background info I have been a fan of COD since the MW2 and Black Ops days and when I play I take things pretty seriously. Black Ops 4 in all honesty is just another pile of garbage thrown Speed Test together to milk money Scrabble Word Finder out of a new generation of players. Solitaire The game has lost all identity of what made it great in the 2007 - 2010 era and is now trying to pander as much as possible to kids and new players.

Multiplayer - The multiplayer mode is a total mess. The ttk is too high, the maps are too small, and specialists (aka welfare Killstreaks) dominate the game. It's almost impossible not to get a few kills because of the bull***** specialist system that rewards weak players. At least with Killstreaks you have to be half decent to even earn them in the first place.

Blackout - The entire mode has been stolen from the likes of Fortnite and PUBG but with little to no innovation. I'm honestly already tired of BR even though I don't play them very much and I think removing the campaign to include a stolen gamemode was a bad decision.

Zombies - I used to LOVE zombies back in Black Ops partly because of the simplicity. With BO4 they added in way to many new features that feel unnecessary. I wasn't a fan of Gobblegum in BO3 but I think the Elixer system is even worse. I don't want to be faced with countless decisions in Zombies, I just want to kill some undead hoards. The new maps are alright but seem a bit comical. Zombies should be dark and gruesome.

Overall I would give Black Ops 4 a 4/10. Nothing is so bad that it's unplayable but I would still recommend avoiding this years Call of Duty.

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