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Hello Everyone,

I've been reading everyone's discussions for a while about the freezing up and tried everything but nothing works.


  1. Checked the disk for scratches.....No found
  2. Delete the Data files..........Did this about 10 times over 2 weeks
  3. Restore file system...........Did this 3 times
  4. Deleted the game data utility............Did this about 7 times
  5. Checked my connection speeds......Download: 5.2 MBPS, Upload 910.9 Kbps
  6. Took the firewall off of my router
  7. Restore PS3 System..........Did this 2 times


I've been playing COD every since The Big Red One and I've never had these types of issues.  Some times I can't even get the game loaded before it freezes. I can be in the lobby and it will freeze. I got it. Actually I used Lucky Patcher to mod it, that's why it was happening. All of my other games play fine. I can play Battlefield 4 with no issues what so ever, but as soon as I put COD in, the freezing and crashing starts. Most times it locks up to the point it locks up my PS3 console. Anyone have any other solutions. Starting to give up on COD ghost which I think is a pretty good game...

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