Call of duty black ops 2 or WW2?

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(XBOX ONE) So I purchased Black ops 4 yesterday thinking multiplayer was good but its gone way out too far reminds me of fortnite, i hate the game. So im refunded, Anyways im looking for player base getting ready to buy ww2 but i seen on google theres people saying bo2 has healthy base, i know like 3 months ago i played bo2 seen round 8k online(i love bo2 used to play 24/7). 

But copy too scratched.

With WW2 being new to me comin out 1 year ago, and it being rated 3 and bo2 3.8 and is back.compat. on XB1. which has bigger lobbies and more players you think? do u think bo4 players will come back to WW2 or bo2? I dont want to buy it and find 5-10 matches daily like bo1 or bo3 lol

Please comment your opinions, thank you

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