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Hello I was just wandering if the beta is coming to iOS in the us anytime soon or if the global launch for the game is real soon I’ve been pumped for this game since the announcement I’ve checked online everyday for months now and I was just wandering if you could clear it up for me so I can get ready

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Call of Duty Mobile is in beta version. It might take some time to release the Alpha version of the game. You can download the beta version of this game from google play store if you have pre-registered. But it is not yet available for IOS users. If you are an Android user you can download Call of Duty Mobile from here:

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I just asked the same question on your other post. BTW Thanks for the help. Do you know how long it might take to release for IOS?

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No idea bro. as I told call of duty mobile is still in the beta version of Android. So it might take some time for IOS.

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I don't have much idea about this if anyone is having the details about this share it here. Would you like to know more about the login router check this.

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