Can't join friends invites on PS4?

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Ever since the release of MW2 a friend and i have had issues joining each others games on every single COD game for the last 10 years. It always says unable to join game session and the only way to fix it is to restart our PS4's and sometimes that doesn't even work. Does anyone know how to fix this? It's extremely annoying especially since we've had this issue for over 10 years now on both PS3 and PS4 consoles.

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any solution for this ? 


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My friend and I have had the exact same issue since Ghosts came out on ps3 and it has persisted throughout every single call of duty game since then. We can play any other game together without trouble but everytime we try to play Call of Duty it screws up without fail. So unbelievably annoying I can't stand it

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