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Hello, this is my first time using a forum for assitance so my apologies if something seems off.


I recently had to get a new PS4 and I play competitive COD so the only games I really play are Call of Duty. I got everything setup perfectly, no problems with game installation or anything.

When I load up either Black Ops 4 or WW2 and I go to connect online, it gives me a error stating I can't connect to the online service.

I have done the following steps withing my network to try and fix this:

- Restarted my PS4 and Router to try clearing cache

- Changed DNS Servers

- Double Checked and Re-did all my ports

- Enabled DMZ and UPnP in my router settings

- Changed my console IP and Re-Assigned all ports to that specific IP

- Made sure my IP is reserved in my DHCP 

- I even hard reset my router and re-did all the settings to try and fix it 


After all this it is still not working. I did find out though that when i connect my PS4 to a different network (In my case i tried my hotspot) I can connect just fine so i know its within my network somewhere.


Also yes I am currently in contact with ATVI Support via emails and twitter DMs. I just thought maybe someone on here knows anything special.


Thanks guys.

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Update: I also can't connect to the MW 2v2 Alpha, so it's on activisions end 100%


I even tried factory ressetting my PS4

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