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Hello together,


I was made curious about the new CoD game, because I read some articles which where referring to new CoD being realistic and tactical. As I honestly have not much experience with CoD due to its run and gun kind of playstyle, this change makes it actually interesting for me personally. I tend to play Battlefield in the past (until BF4). After that, it went in a direction I was just not happy with. Especially the fact, that it just simulates cooperation with other players, while in fact everyone is on his own narcistic Rambo mode.


As PR was by far the best "Battlefield" ever, I went to Arma and after that mostly to Squad.


So, my question is to you CoD players, how far this newfound importance of realism and tactility can go for the CoD franchise?


Most importantly as many seem even upset having no minimap. As Arma or Squad player it is just ridiculous to even think about such thing and playing 2 rounds of Squad shows perfectly you how great actual communication with human people is when you have not every piece of information in your HuD available!


So, when comparing the new CoD: MW with Squad, how much of realism and tactical gameplay will most probably be left in CoD?


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