Every time I restart COD BO4 I lose everything

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So, I bought BO4 (PS4) and I started playing the new zombie mode (offline, I don't have PS Plus, never played COD online anyways). I Loved the maps, I created a new class, customised all the weapons, elisirs, perks etc...

Everything's fine until I turned the console off and I went to sleep. The day after I boot up the game and *puff* everything's gone and forgotten, all the time I spent in the customisation wasted. So I did it all again, played for a couple of hours, then I switched game and when I came back to BO4 guess what? Nothing. As if I never played before (the log that appears before the main menu, showing you the maps and characters unlocked if you purchased the season pass is still there, which I guess it shouldn't be)

What do I do? 

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