How Long Does The Season Pass Last For?

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How Long Does The Season Pass Last For?

How long does the season pass last?

     I've been wondering lately about the season pass; and I know a few things, or at least sort of: It is possible to get DLC maps (four packs of them in total) and the thing I really want (nuketown zombies) is available this month.


     However, the season pass, which I'm not sure of, seems to be permanent and then you get all the DLC maps, or at least that is my assumption. However, is it true that if you buy the season pass after the maps come out, you don't get them because the season pass is (supposedly for me) like a pre-order, or is it something that is just similar to a discount for all the maps?


     Second thing is, for the season pass, does it carry on to the next COD games or is it just for Black Ops 2? I'm guessing it's the latter, but damn, that's over a hundred dollars on one game (even though it's great) plus the gold membership.

     Thanks for the help, because I've been really curious to find out the coolest parts of this game and if it's not as hard as it looks to play them.

     However, I was wondering what kind of features the Hardened Edition gives you, because I certainly don't need every single best frickin' thing in the game. (That would be cool though )


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