I need help resetting the password of an old account here.

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I am trying to reset the password on my account here. The password reset email does not arrive in my inbox. It is not in any spam folders or anything like that it is just not arriving. I know that it is the correct email because if i send a message to my old account from this new account, I get an email in the old email saying that I have recieved a message. email 1.pngemail 2.png


Here you can see I just sent myself a message from this account to my old account and it sends me an email saying that I have a new message in my old email (the email registered to the old account.) No matter what I try the password reset email will just not come. I've checked every single folder in the email account and there is nothing. I've already posted on the activision support board and recieved not a single reply. I also reached out to activision support on twitter and after giving me a solution that does not fix my problem, they have ignored me for 5 days now. It's baffling the lack of customer support that a company of this size has.

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Hi there,

are you able to log in to your old account ?

If so you should be able to change your password by going to Account Profile / Basic Info / *edit* ( Use the drop down menu in top right to find Account Profile)


I am guessing you can not remember your old password.

IF so please send me a Private Message with your original Account/ Forum name  



Kind regards

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