League Play Issues & Cheaters in BLK OPS 2 XBOX360

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League Play Issues & Cheaters in BLK OPS 2 XBOX360

My first issue is with League Play. I Play solo A loft. So what happen to match making to match players with similar skill Level ?

I get put on a team with the lowest rank to then go up against players with way higher rank? and of course we loose then I'm stuck to getting placed at a low Level and never get the chance to get put where I Feel I belong.

2nd What's the deal with not seeing who is in the lobby? and then when you finally see the players your playing against you cant back out. Why?

Why not bring in 1v1. I guess League play was made for competitive teams to go against one another if that's the case then i guess this doesn't matter. and its not for solo people. then why make it available to solo Players.?

My next issue is CHEATERS. One of my biggest issues is playing a game and having that one anoying player that's mad he is doing bad or wants to troll(just mess with other players) and team kills the best player on the team or who ever he wishes.

I have a Youtube account and I report often To back up my claims but why isn't there more being done about this. Send A message to The cod players out there to know you cant do this and if you do you will be permentaly banned.

a lot has to do with age i think there should be a update to the code of conduct that would state. any online COD Player found to be younger then the recomend age will be banned from playing online. after exstinsive reporting by other players that  a player is in fact under age to play this game they will be investigated and banned.

I used to play and not care about theses types of players but enough is enough I cannot enjoy cod with people like this it is making this game horrible and not fun to play. I have many more issues but i will touch on them at a later date.

if you want to check out my youtube and or add me On XBOX Live My GT Is listed below. Thanks.

www.Youtube.com/ NastyJ6   GT ---TheNastyJ

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Re: League Play Issues & Cheaters in BLK OPS 2 XBO...

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Hi there, thenastyj!

Thank you for sharing all of this feedback with us!

In regards to League Play, to be pitted against more advanced does sound frustrating! We will go ahead and alert the teams to look into League matchmaking and send your feedback on tags displaying as the lobby is preparing. We also thank you for sharing your suggestion to adjust the Code Of Conduct! We'll sent this to be considered for future titles.

As avid gamers ouselves, we understand how much cheaters and hackers can impact the gaming experience. You have many of our thanks for reporting all suspicious players in-game! When players are reported via the tool, imperative data is sent directly to the security team to facilitate investigations. Of course, our team receives a plethora of reports every day--it may take some time to get to each player, but our teams will exact the appropriate account actions per committed offense.

As we'd like for you to be able to enjoy this title to its fullest, we'll be more than happy to help you with any technical issues or additional feedback! You can always find us on facebook.com/activisionassist or on Twitter @ATVIAssist


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Re: League Play Issues & Cheaters in BLK OPS 2 XBO...

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