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Treyarch should put out a community survey directed at the consumer asking them what they want in the next Treyarch game. This is basic business 101 skill. I learned this tactic in high school and again in college. Even YouTube and social media sites are adopting this tactic, but even they could have done it better than they did. This is how the survey should be conducted: It should be a “select as many as you want survey” where you select the ideas you like out of the choices. The survey should be advertised in many different ways (because if they have done this before, I didn’t hear about it). Here is a survey example I thought would be pretty good: *select as many as apply* 1) a Treyarch game remastered and if so, select which ones *list of games* 2) a game including a mix of call of duty maps from all COD and if so, which ones *list of maps to select from* 3) A mix of guns from all COD and if so, which ones *selection of guns from all COD* 4) How should the stats of the different guns be differentiated? *open space to describe how we as the consumer want our weapons to be crafted and differentiated, including but not limited to: the roles of weapon types, the variety of types of stats within weapon types, the number of guns per class, what weapon types are available, attachments, etc.* 5) Which gameplay functions did you enjoy the most? *list of gameplay functions ranging from wall runs, to the black ops four manual heal, to score streaks, to map styles, etc.* 6)...basically these types of questions would continue in the survey for map sizes and styles and whatever else you can think of. At the very end of the survey, have an “additional information section.” By doing this survey you would know what the consumer wants (and then you would actually base the game off of what the consumer wants instead of a trash game like Advanced Warfare, which I wasted $120 on. Wish I wouldn’t have. *loathing in sad memories of the game* However, I liked the campaign of that game, and I liked Kevin Spacey. I digress. Treyarch please read this.

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