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Today I suddenly got deranked on BO2. I was playing a team deathmatch game on multiplayer and the host ended the game at around 53-66. So it shouldnt be over yet. So I left that lobby, then I found out i wasnt master prestige anymore but lvl 1 again.


  • Can you help me fix it?

My psn name is wh-sem

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OMG Randomly reset for the second time now, first time i was 3rd prestige level 28

second time i was level 46 no prestige

this is so annoying first time i let it slide but now im actually really annoyed/frustrated

please help me

XBOX GT- Dempseey

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This happened to both my bother and I on the PS3 platform.

When it happened to my brother he was prestige 1, level 23 (reset back to prestige 0, level 0). PSN:


I was deranked from prestige 2, level 27 (reset back to prestige 0, level 27). PSN: Washablered

My brother got the message others have reported, but I did not.

I had no offensive emblems, and neither my brother nor I have a mic.

It happened to my friend as well (PSN: ev-lev7321) but his rank was restored.

It's good to see that the problem is being fixed and I want to know how mine can be resolved.

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Happened to me llHERBIE30ll on xbox

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happened to me ps3, psn: GYBERMAN69

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Please help me as well PS3 ID is Z3ROZ3PLIN my rank gets restored but as soon as i join a public game it goes down to level 1.  Yesterday I was playing and ranked up to level 4 then I came back to play later and it restored me back to 55 but once i joined a game it went back to 1.  I can never increase levels please help ASAP spent alot of time getting my golden weapons attachments and camos. 

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I Was de ranked aswell , altough it happened when i came out of local and went into multiplayer . please restore my rank i was prestige 4 lvl 51 now all my gold guns etc have gone and im lvl 1 no prestige . My playstation username is xAlfie

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Hi I got the same problem. On Dec 23 i was deranked from sixth prestige level 46 to prestige0 level 1. I did not cheat or anything and through the forums i have figured out that i have been deranked through a glitch in local. ( basically u switch from local to multiplayer and you get deranked) I play on the playstation and my gamertag is l_Puma_D_Ace_l. I have recent games (last gameplay with prestige 6 from Dec 23 17:59 o'clock on Carrier) to prove it and but there is 1 game that shows me level 1 but i was seein if there was a glitch.

console: playstation 3

gamertag: l_Puma_D_Ace_l

please help me!


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same exact issue i was prestige 3 lvl 36 with the type 25 maxed and gold, gold mtar, gold vector, gold dsr there is even gameplay with my gold dsr, gold mp7, gold combat knife all that was lost from the local to multiplayer glitch... also i had connectivity problems at the time which was why i went to local in the first place. please help

PSN: k134life

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This is what happend to me ( LOCAL GLITCH ).

PlayStation Network gamertag : yazan797

Console : PlayStation 3

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