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Hi, i have also had the same problem, i was lvl 53 prestige 1, had 2 gold guns and many reticles and calling cards, i am playing on PS3 and my name is PADDLEPOP1234, can you please fix this for me.

i also have proof of my rank from a Headquarters game on Nuketown 2025 on the 5/01/2013 at 17:14 (Australian Time), i have not used boosters of hacks, and i have not used offensive emblems and i dont have a mic.

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same thing here. but at lease i was only prestige 3 and i was given a buttlload of tokens. the only thing that really pissed me off, was the calling cards and scorestreak kills being reset..

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I had the same problem with xbox but I have no message please help me XBOX GT: Beastlyelmoboy I was level 55 prestige 1 and now im level 1 no prestige

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I dont hack or anything

Mine also deranked just now,


i lost all me diamond camo for smg.

Please do something about it, or mayb patch the whole thing so theres no more probelm in future.

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yeah hi if i can be restored to 2nd prestage rank 55 and the gun PDW complete on headshots and everything else dosent need to change that will be nice thankyou

xbox Gamertag-TripleXmeerakat

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I also had the same problem yesterday, however, there was no message. My profile randomly went from level 33 to level 1.

PSN: kiwops

Console: playstation 3

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my account got reset too sir. level 42 and a week and half to prestige.

my account name/PSN is i_amrusparedes

I'm using ps3.

please do something about itSmiley Sad(( thanks!!

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I had the exact same problem just happened moments ago, tried restarting console and nothing worked.

PSN name The_Big_Ezze

Using ps3

Try to help me out as soon as you can

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Same problem, no message.

Console: ps3

Psn Id: Incredibl_one-91

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Can you help me get back my rank because i was recently de-ranked by playing local with my friend and I was a level 30 7th prestige now i am a level one no prestige if you could help me please do my xbox live name is MARO SkiLLz but if you cant then thanks for trying.

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