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i´m angry because my account was reset i was prestige 9 level 11 now i`m level 1 and all

my gold guns are gone the same for my calling cards which i much effort and time to have done

please help me my account is wes_9143

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I was prestige 4 lvl 55, lost all of my gold guns and titles, randomly got deranked i didn't hack glitch or anything like that.
System: ps3
PSN: ChiefLickAss
if you could help me it'd be greatly appreciated

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Same issue here lost rank and from to have this investigated does not work just keeps sending me arround in circles; absolute joke.

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Same thing happened to me.  First time I was prestige 2 lvl 47.  Second time I was prestige 1 lvl 45.  I was working on diamond snipers.  This is getting ridiculous.

PS3: argent717

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The same thing happened to me. I was joining a lobby and went to go get something. When i came i was just getting disconnected from a game ( another issue ). When i then looked at my profile i realized i was level 1. I thought it was a glitch but realized it was real when i couldn't create a class. Please help me.

Console: PS3

PSN Username: V3n0M_3sPi0nAgE

I haven't hacked or glitched before.

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the same thing has happened to me, I was 7th prestige level 55 and suddenly level one no prestige this is really really annoying when you get to a high level and that happens I would like to be restored to what I was else I will be devatastated and annoyed. PSN: CallyBoo

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hi my name is cedrick olivier and i was ban for absolutly noting pleas help me i was prestige 9 level 32 or 33 and i got the asault rifls in dimon please help me !!!!

my gamer tage was: gustave101

my homail adresse was: thegustave101@hotmail.com

and i play on: PS3


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I think it because all you foo's did some kind of hack and don't lie about it every did so there fore everyone is getting deranked  whether u did the rank hack or the gold gun Hack 

Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha HACKERS are WACK

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This happened to me, went from 29 to 15


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I'm having the same problem as of this past Thursday. My entire online profile is gone and it looks as if I've never played the game but I was prestige 3 with lots of unlocks.

Platform PS3

PSN is x_S-P-A-Z_x

Thanks for any help with this

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