Unpopular idea but possible fun one.

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So this is going to upset hard core COD people, i know this already. But this idea possibly could be fun.

I'm suggesting  for the next COD game they readd co-op story BUT! With a 3rd person option.


Ok ok calm down COD guys, breath.. I'll explain.


Black Ops 4 has no story, we all know this, Black Ops 3 however has a fantastic one that can be done in co-op style. The story is great, i've been having a blast even if i sometimes get questionable team mates. While playing i found my self asking one this, if this is against AI, is there a chance to get a 3rd person option? I mean you can freely customize your soldier and all, why not right?

The biggest thing i hear about 3rd person in games like this is they give an unfair adventage. In competitive multiplayer this could be true (I won't turn this into a back and forth on this) But i'm talking about the campaign mode, not multiplayer.


In Campaign your facing waves of AI foes, not people, so having these "advantages" would do more help them harm.

Not only that but the current consoles have been dominated by FPS and lately Royale style games leaving 3rd person players with few to enjoy. Adding just a 3rd person toggle to the options for the campaign would give them something to jump into and draw more people to the series.


Again i know this is an unpopular suggestion here but it never really hurts to ask right? (As long as you avoid reading the troll's comments that is.)

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