Why cant Call of Duty make an American Civil war game based on major events and weapons? ( naval battles, siege petersburg, gatlin guns,)

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Why cant call of duty make a civil war game based on the major events, such as the Siege of Petersburg or, The Capture of New Orleans or, Drafting of New York?  and

Iron Clad USS Monitor vs CSS Virginia at the Battle of Hampton Roads. and add Iron clads and beach invasion along with the automatic weapons such as the henry, gatlin gun, smoke, fog updated intense graphics and debris. like the graphics engine on COD WW2, and BF1, BF5 4K.  where it would definitley look like the MOST INTENSE HISTORICAL CIVIL WAR GAME EVER MADE. other than BF1, BF5, WW2. the same historical games we've been seeing and learning for the past decade.


maneuver everyones focus by making an american civil war game. where the game shows every detail of the war, the ships, the uniforms, hats, shoes, swords, auto mg they had, major events like the one i provided above. so everyone could get a in-depth feeling of what the civil war was really like, and talk about it more often? and compete with battlefield 1, and battlefield 5? 

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