how bad will next cod be

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wanted to start a topic about the expectations over the upcomming cod becasue i don't even have to say it actually but almost every year they prove us they can indeed come up with an even worse game than before cod bo4 is finally after some hard years a bit decent but for some reason they jsut have to prove us they intentionally screw up the game by getting rid of drop shots to replace it with overpowderd jumpy jumps a kangaroo jumpst less than needed this game and why the recoil pattern the reason there wasn't a set recoil pattarn was so that people would never be able to abuse smg on mid to long range and in this gmae i have to play vs 4 spitfire's who are all jsut as precice as i am with maddox on half long range so jsut let me know how bad you think the next cod will be and please do geuss on what we like that they will intentionally fck up 

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