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So i own an original copy of vCOD and i still have the box including my old cd-key plus all the included cds. The problem is my rig does not have a disc drive anymore and i can't activate the key on steam, because it was not generated for steam i guess. Is there any way to get a steam key for vCOD from activision so i can download and install the game? Who do i contact about this problem? vCOD is still the best shooter i've played, period. Still i dont see myself spending €20 on steam to get another copy of a 15 year old game probably noone plays online anymore.


If you got any answers let me know, i really appreciate it.

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I got the same problem, only with call of duty 2, seeing how non-userfriendly Activisions forum is, i highly doubt they'd go to the trouble of helping you out.
For me, it was Sega who were pretty awesome, I managed to contact their support much, much easier than Activison, and upon giving them proof that I do indeed own a retail version of Dawn of War: WInter Assault, they gave me a steam key for it.
I highly doubt Activison would do the same, but fingers crossed, if you get a solution, please let me know!

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