Call of Duty®: Ghosts YouTuber #Nemesis Videos: Showtime

By GhostsNews on August 4, 2014
Level 29

A reimagined version of the fan-favorite Shipment from Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®, Showtime takes players to a futuristic death arena. Engage in intense close-quarter action as you move through the square-shaped map and its new surrounding pathway. Call in the Slot Machine Field Order to receive one of three random rewards: a map-wide turret system, an airdrop of multiple care packages, or a deadly gas attack.

Showtime is included with the Nemesis DLC Pack, which arrives first on Xbox LIVE on August 5th. Release on other platforms to follow.

Check out gameplay videos of Showtime from some popular YouTubers:

ChaosXSilencer -

Daniel Kross -

TmarTn -

PrestigeisKey -

OpTicMiDNiTE -

UnknownPlayer -

Outside Xbox -


MrDalekJD -

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