Call of Duty®: Ghosts YouTuber #Nemesis Videos: Subzero

By GhostsNews on August 2, 2014
Level 29

Subzero takes players to a Canadian submarine base. Three pathways run through this snowy map's interior and exterior positions. Complete a Field Order to call in the snow beasts, shadowy monsters that hunt down any enemies caught in the blizzard.

Subzero is included with the Nemesis DLC Pack, which arrives first on Xbox LIVE on August 5th. Release on other platforms to follow.

Check out gameplay videos of Subzero from some popular YouTubers:

PrestigeisKey -

ChaosXSilencer -

OpTicMiDNiTE -

Daniel Kross -

TmarTn -

Outside Xbox -

UnknownPlayer -

Ali-A -

MrDalekJD -


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